Why Pay? Free Small Business Grants

When American citizens commence establishing or a expanding a new business there are a few options to consider as far as financing is concerned. Government small business grants, high interest bank loans, and private loans from investors, family members, or credit unions are generally the most common sources. A majority of new or potential small business owners overlook the magnificent option of acquiring small business grants as a means of financing, however, this is not advised. In fact, it would seem quite ridiculous to discount the advantage of receiving free government money, yet thousands of qualified candidates do just that each year.

It is quite puzzling that so many intelligent and savvy business people simply surpass the opportunities to obtain free business grants, made available by the very same government who they curse for taxing them, and misusing their contributed funds. These individuals are smart enough, resourceful enough, driven and enterprising enough to envision and build new and thriving businesses and corporations, then why on earth did they pass on free money to make the initial investments and expansions? Because they didn’t know, that’s why.

The government sets aside hundreds of billions of dollars each year to award to new and enterprising entrepreneurs who prove to have a solid business plan and show significant promise of becoming successful. A well thought out and formally outlined business proposal of nearly any sort is quite often likely to be approved for small business grant program funding by most American granting committees. One of the main reasons for this is because the government is required by law to distribute these funds to the American taxpayers each year. However, they are not required, and in fact prohibited, from advertising this funding, so far too many potential candidates remain unaware of these amazing opportunities each year.

There are few requirements to qualify to receive free government grant money to start your own business, providing you are searching in a category, or several categories, that you, individually, fall into. For instance, if you are proposing a business plan to an American minority grant agency, but you are not a considered a minority citizen, you would not qualify. But you still may qualify for a standard government small business grant to fund your start up or expansion. If you are a businesswoman, there are a number of opportunities in women’s business grants that men obviously wouldn’t qualify for. But the same men may be able to acquire minority, business grants, single parents grants, or more. Sometimes, even if you have been denied numerous business types of grants for whatever reasons, you may still be able to achieve free government money through personal grant programs and apply that funding towards your business endeavors.

Free money is free money no matter what you call it. Anyone who is embarking upon a new and progressive business venture, or hoping to enlarge or expand an already existing outfit should definitely investigate their options of obtaining free government money in small business grants before committing to the years of increasing interest and monthly payments that go hand in hand with bank loans. Why pay for what you don’t have to?