“Top Home Based Business Opportunity” – Tips For Retiree’s & Baby Boomers

Economy is down – jobs are being lost, investments value has hit rock bottom, property value has slumped. It has forced retired people and baby boomers, who were relying on their savings, to look for alternative sources of income. The internet represents a vast market which throws up great ways to make money online. There are several web sites that offer home based business opportunities, which if used correctly can yield very high returns. Understanding that this is a new arena for those in retirement and baby boomers, follow this as a guide to help you choose the top home based business opportunity for you.

To choose a top home based business opportunity that is suitable, it becomes necessary to review them. Many of these opportunities are genuine enough but there are quite a few scams. Ventures that promise quick money with no efforts are almost always scams because that is certainly not the way the world goes round! It is best to steer clear of them. There are certain basic points to look for and ponder over before deciding on a risk free or minimum risk venture.

Network marketing opportunities are among the most rewarding ventures available on the net. The first point of validating an opportunity would be that it makes sense. By reading about the business on their web site, many details can be obtained. The business model should be well defined, open and clear to every one – what the business is about, what it stands for, how it works and where the associate stands with respect to the business.

Next it will be a good idea to read reviews that have been written about the opportunity. Getting to know who has started the business and who are the names who are partnering with them helps to know if the company is serious about its business. When well-known persons, known for their genuine business practices participate in a business venture, it is a clear indicator of their straight intentions. The period of time the business has been around and what it has achieved during that time is another point to be included in a review.

A Network marketing business can be successful only if there is a working plan or marketing system for customer acquisition and customer retention. There should be a tried and tested way in which they reach out to customer networks. A good business should include business partners – people who share in the work as well as profits.

One of the key things that will make a network marketing or multi level marketing business a success story is the product quality. The products and services being offered should be interesting and be in great demand. The business should provide great support and training. Free websites, live conference calls with experts, video based training, email training etc are different ways in which businesses support their associates.

The marketing and sales system should be robust enough to identify and qualify leads (potential customers), make a sale to them and close the transaction, all done on behalf of the associate. Ultimately, the business should allow the associate to focus fully on building his network of clients and nothing else. To find an opportunity that satisfies all these criteria and can answer more of your questions, go to here.

How to Profit With a Home Based Business – Helping Businesses Advertise Targeted and Locally Online

Today’s economic climate is getting tough on not only consumers, but business owners also.

Small business owners are especially being hit hard, as potential customers are basically not using the traditional ways to search and find any business. Essentially, much of the advertising being utilized today is actually not reaching potential customers, as most customers are using the internet to search for just about anything.

Traditional advertising like TV, radio, Magazines, Yellow pages, mailers, etc., are not as effective or affordable anymore. You may ask why is this happening. Well, just about every household uses a TiVo or DVR to skip commercials; more consumers are going to commercial free radio or simply change to another station during those 3 to 5 minute commercial blitzes; Yellow pages are becoming a waste of trees in that no one even picks them up anymore; and most customers are too busy to clip coupons from a magazine, mailers or newspapers.

To make matters worse, the actual cost of such traditional advertising is increasing as businesses demand for such advertising is dropping dramatically, as well as actual circulation. This reduction in advertising revenue and circulation means that most advertising companies have to increase the cost of their advertising.

In addition, with reduced advertising revenue coming in, these advertising companies themselves now have to cut costs, resulting in layoffs, reduction in the size of their media, charging more for the advertising, or worse, these simply go out of business.

It is predicted that several major newspapers will be out of business by 2010 mainly due to loss of advertising revenue. The Rocky Mountain News closed, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has recently closed.

For example, Time.com recently listed these 10 newspapers that are in serious financial trouble. Again, the issues are due to decline in circulation and most importantly, lack of advertising revenue. Most of these newspapers, and others, will go digital to try to stay alive.

So, what does this mean for the small business owner? There has to be major changes in the way they advertise to reach potential, and even current, customers. Business owners must still drive traffic and interest to their business, but it must be done in a way that is cost effective and gets a better return on the investment.

The answer is that all businesses must have an online presence that is effective and affordable. However, most business owners don’t know how to achieve this goal.

Less than 50% of businesses have websites. And, of those businesses that do have websites, these business owners have no understanding of how to promote their web presence, or it is too expensive and time consuming.

Creating and being effective with an online presence is something that business owners need to do, but, it should not take away from why the business is really there anyway – to make sales and stay in business. Business owners are good at running their business. Advertising and marketing should not take away from their main function.

But, in today’s economic climate, online advertising is the best strategy for businesses to stay competitive and reach customers. But, this effectiveness actually goes one step further. There is the need to focus their advertising to a targeted audience, with ads that are relevant on a localized basis.

However, most business owners do not know how, nor have the time to do this tye of needed local online advertising.

For example, a lawn mower repair shop in Houston, TX is not effectively advertising online, when a customer searching for mower repair in upper New York state, sees the Houston businesses beautiful website on the internet.

Customers are already searching online for businesses and services, and that beautiful website that a business has does not really have a chance to compete with the large companies. In addition, most business owners do not understand ideas like SEO, or have the revenue to use Pay Per Click techniques like Google Adsence, etc.

Therefore, business owners need help in finding the best way to advertise online in their local areas, and without spending a ton of money to do it. Face it, the dollars being spent on print advertisements and coupons is just not working anymore.

The internet has always been a tool for businesses to connect with customers, if the business could afford it.

And in today’s tough economic times, reaching the most targeted customers is the way to stay ahead of the competition, while keeping costs affordable.

This article shows the importance for businesses to have an effective marketing plan that targets a specific audience, and that is affordable. Having a home based business that specializes in helping business owners advertise locally online, can be profitable.

The Small Business Ad Dilemma

Small businesses, and for that part, some medium sized businesses are ‘stuck’ in an advertising dilemma that appears like a fog to them. They stick to the ‘regular advertising and marketing avenue’ because it’s what they know best. It’s worked for years, so why mend something that’s not broken, EH?

Well it might not be broken, but it is getting tired and worn down. It doesn’t act in the same way it did in it’s prime. The ‘regular advertising and marketing avenue’ has become an overgrown, pit-holed route that most new businesses simply don’t travel down any more. They’ve found the branding super-highway that is the ‘social networking phenomenon’ that every teenager has already got permanently ‘wired’ into their brain.

OK. Which is supposedly the most valuable market on the planet? The market that most of the world’s wealth is ploughed through? Could it be the teenage/young adult market? Don’t they have the most influence over what the advertising agencies insist on us viewing? They do, and that is why the ‘social networking phenomenon’ is already dramatically affecting the advertising habits of all of the high-flying companies around the world right now.

The upside to this trend is that literally ‘every’ business, large or small, can generate ‘equality’ in that marketplace. Admittedly there are some new tricks and rules to play by, but all the free help and assistance is out there at the moment for anyone to draw on and ‘brand’ themselves or their business in any way they see fit.

The ‘regular advertising and marketing avenue’ still has it’s place though, and providing that it’s priced accordingly will always bring a certain ‘value’ to those traveling down that route. Though it has to be said, that businesses who do still want to travel the ‘regular’ advertising route, should look to invest their advertising revenue with an internet based model that’s also regularly utilizing the ‘social networking phenomenon’ to drive potential customers in their direction.

FRED67 has the look of an old school business referral website, but the methods used to drive visitors heavily depends on social networking, blogging, and visual exposure to it’s catchy logo. Regular SEO tactics also ensure that it’s listings in Google are kept on the relevant first pages of it’s chosen keywords. Therefore, advertisers who are given their own bio-pages within the website can expect to glean the traffic heading towards their category. The bio-pages also show up as ‘individual listings’ in Google and all other major search engines as well.

Any business person who is a techno-phobe, or who simply doesn’t want to master the ins & outs of internet marketing, can simply piggy-back on a website like FRED67 and have the benefits of a web presence without ‘any’ of the hassle. In fact there is a new genre` of marketers out there who ‘solely’ target those business people and offer their services to take all of the worry and inconvenience of web administration, and make it ‘their’ responsibility. They do charge very well for their services as well. So for the small to medium business working with a tight budget, the ‘piggy-back’ option would probably be the most attractive.

There is a growing market for those willing to take a ‘much smaller’ portion of the massive advertising market out there, to utilize the ‘social media phenomenon’ and ‘brand’ a website similar to FRED67. It can be done with just the outlay for a reliable web-hosting account, and the cost of a good .com domain.