The Secret Recipe to Wealth Creation – Time Your Investments When the Shares Prices Are Lowest

All of us want a fat bank account but most of us not even able to reach there after spending our entire lives working and accumulating funds. More than ninety percent of the people are not able to do so due to our lack of knowledge to invest our money in the right instruments.

Then what should you do to multiply your money? Stocks are a great way of doubling your money provided you know the insights of the market. There are a huge number of stocks and you have to be really intelligent to pick them from the crowd when the shares prices are right. Never hesitate in taking help from the experts!

The stocks that can outperform and outnumber its peers and help you multiply your capital in the least possible time duration. Shares prices and timing the market play a very crucial role and determine the growth of your money.

It is difficult to determine the bottom levels of shares prices. To achieve this you should be experienced as well as have time to invest and do your research. There are so many stocks that it becomes almost impossible to track the stocks prices manually. Therefore, I suggest you to use an automated tool that could help you to make your decisions. It will not only help you to make informed decision but also improve your success rates.

Beware that stock markets are very risky and getting into it without the right knowledge, research and analysis tools can prove fatal.

Driving Your Business With a Professional Logo

Logo design is an important element in the development of any business, company or brand. A logo is a graphic symbol or icon that is central to the identity of the owner and will often consist of four key elements:

· A symbol or icon
· Colours
· Wording
· Typeface

These four elements combine to create a logo which will embodies the very essence of the company, business or brand. The logo becomes a symbol that represents the core values of its owner. The logo reflects the owners function, service or product and what the customer or client can expect in terms of quality, service, reliability and satisfaction from the owner. As such the logo is at the very core of any business.

When the consumer sees the logo of a major brand they know exactly what to expect, they know exactly why they have decided to do business with that brand – be it cost, quality of service, reliability, product quality, product or service uniqueness, etc. The logo acts to build trust between the business or brand and the client or customer. As a result a logo actually adds value to a business.

An unprofessional logo or badly designed logo, or worse still no logo at all will add no value to your business and tell your potential customers nothing about your business – except perhaps that you did not realise the importance of presenting your business in a professional way!

A good logo should have the following attributes:

· Distinctive
· It should adhere to accepted design principles
· It should be representative of the company or brand
· Easy to use in all required circumstances e.g. large or small, black/white or colour, against various backgrounds, online of offline

The creative process to develop a logo can be very complex. It is important to consider the positioning of the business or brand in its market, its core values and its points of difference. Factors such as the industry the business or brand operates in, its geographical location and the target market will also be factors.

Considering the four elements of the logo itself, the shape and design of the icon will be key in conveying the core brand message. It is also important that this shape can be used alone without the other elements of the logo in certain instances. Colour plays an important part in visual reference and combinations of colours provide greater scope for positioning.

Typeface is important as well because different typefaces can be used to create different feelings, to plant different ideas in the minds of the target market. For example a typeface such as sans serif is usually perceived as being strong or modern on the other hand serif would be perceived as being traditional or elegant.

The fourth element, the wording, is usually in the form of a logo descriptor. The logo descriptor is a phrase that encapsulates everything that the company or brand does or stands for. For example our own company provides marketing services to small and medium sized businesses and our logo descriptor is ‘Access to BIG agency talent for small and medium companies’.

The four elements must be successfully combined and balanced to create the perfect logo for the business or brand. Typeface, shapes and colours must be compatible and complementary for it to succeed. When possible it is always better to finalise two to three designs and then put them to market research groups. The findings of those groups can then be instrumental in then developing the final version of the logo.

When the final logo is developed it should be used in a clearly defined way across all communication channels for the business or brand including stationery, advertising, brochures, direct mail and online. Often a design bible is developed to dictate all elements of usage.

So to summarise, why will your business benefit from a professionally designed logo?

· Professionalism
· Trust
· Added value
· Brand building

A professional logo is a great and effective sales tool. It is something that will help bring new clients or customers to your business and as such is an investment for the long term development of your business or brand.

Things to Think About Before Investing in Real Estate Rental Properties

With the current amount of foreclosures and the ability to get property that is below value from a few years ago, it is possible to purchase a house and use it as a rental to generate income for you and your family. There is a good side and bad side to buying a single home family to use as an investment and you should think through each part of the process. Management of a single family home should in theory be a little easier since you’re only dealing with one tenant, and may be the best way to go for a first time investment property buyer. To help keep the cost in check you should probably require the tenant to pay for all their own utilities and for most of the general maintenance.

As with any other of your real estate that you own, you will be responsible for any work on the roof, any major house repairs, broken water heaters and pipes, but everything else should be treated as if the tenant owned it himself, and they will be required to pay for anything that does not fall under this category of larger items.

The downside potential of owning a one family rental is that your financial return may not be as large as it may have been on an apartment house. The upside is the fact that you will be dealing with one tenant and when you do find someone who pays on time and takes care of the unit upkeep, it will help to keep your headaches down, and you will be dealing less with phone calls and interuptions when you only have the single tenant as opposed to multiple renters.

With an apartment house you may have three apartments, and if you have two of the three rented then you are probably paying for all your expenses with two of the units occupied, and whatever you are making on the third unit could be profit. Obviously with the single-family if it’s not rented then there is no income and you are not paying the mortgage or the other bills associated with being a property owner.

In the end what most real estate investors are looking for is to cover all the costs at the end of the year and maybe make a little profit, but every year you own the unit, you will have more equity, and you are a year closer to paying off the loan note, and becoming free and clear of any mortgage. If you really did purchase the property below true market value then it may only take one or two years of owning it to make a profit when you sell the house, this is not the normal way a long term investor plans on making money, but if the chance to sell for a nice profit exists, you should not hesitate to make the deal.