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How Can Twitter Grow My Business?

Twitter is taking off like a rocket, it is a “killer app”. Although not many people really understand it. If you understand the basic concepts of Twitter but have the question “How can Twitter grow my business?” This article is for you, we will concentrate on explaining how Twitter can be used for business. We will assume you know the basics of being followed and following, along with knowing what a Tweet is.

Twitter tools for business are critical and how you use them is equally important. So how can Twitter grow your business? There are two ways; The first is the most common. To search Twitter users that have bio’s or Tweets that match your businesses products or services. This is really a type of prospecting. The second is customer service.

In order to understand how Twitter can grow your business, let’s break it down in sales terms versus Twitter speak. Explaining to a hard core business person what Twitter is, is much easier than you think. You gain followers. “Prospects” that have given the OK to communicate directly. Of course you must provide a reason for them to follow. Your brand and products must be up to par. If they are not, the followers can bite you. The people you follow would be considered “targets”. So with two simple word changes, most marketing people will understand what Twitter means to them. Now they can explain to upper management why they should use Twitter as a standard communication tool.

When you Tweet your message, your message is sent to the Twitter world. It is your advertising to draw people in and follow you. For most business’s 140 characters will not sell the product or service. The Tweet is more like a tap on the shoulder or a whisper. All the money that has been invested in your blog, website and white papers will have an audience that meets your customer demographics and interests. Also consider when using the correct tools it is possible to gain 1, 5, 10 or even 20 thousand followers in about 60 to 90 days. If you send a link to a landing page on your website and only 15 to 30% follow your link, 5% of those go to the landing page, that could be 38 customers ((5,000*.15)*.05). Think of it. 38 prospects for just sending out a text message directing them to a landing page or blog that already exists. Also think of the multiplier if your content is good and on message, you can get a Re-Tweet. That 38 could grow 3 to 5 times if the right people like your message. As you can see, the math really works. This is how Twitter can grow your business.

The second way Twitter can grow your business is by using it as customer service or damage control. When a person Tweets negatively, it is good to react directly with them. Find out what the real issues are and solve them. Since you need to be mutually following prior to sending a direct message, the Twitter world can see your speed to react. After you are mutually following, then direct message them. There is no point in starting war of tweets in the open. If you solve the issue fairly and quickly most people will Tweet your about your service. By looking for Tweets that reference your company or products. is an excellent tool for this and simple to use. You set the terms and it will look for conversations that match. TweetBeep also has the ability to setup feeds so you do not have to revisit the site. Although this is hard to measure, it has become to some degree a “cost of doing business”.

You must also learn how Twitter interacts with other aspects of your of your Internet marketing. There are tools and API’s that will have your tweets broadcast on LinkedIn, your WordPress blog or even on Facebook. Twitter is an excellent way to bring all your Internet marketing efforts together. This how Twitter can grow your business.

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