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Firewood Rack Cover – Protecting Your Investment

If you’ve gone to the trouble of cutting your own firewood or buying it from someone else you want to be able to use it when you’re ready for a fire. Even going to the trouble of stacking it in a nice rack is no good unless you have a firewood rack cover to protect it all.

Let’s face it: if you like to build a fire it takes a lot of work to find the right trees, cut them, haul them back to your home, stack, and wait for them to dry out enough to burn. Why would you go to all of that trouble and then let the elements set you back by keeping your firewood damp? That’s why the importance of a cover is to protect your investment: your investment in money and more importantly, time.

Covers are definitely worth their weight in gold and they are practically maintenance-free. They come in a wide variety of colors so it will be easy to find one that will blend with the outside of your home where the wood is located. You can find them in various sizes to match the particular style and size of rack that you own so it is basically a custom fit. What you don’t want is a lot of extra room where air currents can get underneath and carry it off of the stack.

Most good quality covers usually have several zippered openings that anti-lock to avoid blowing open in high winds. They typically are double-stitched for durability and have a drawstring around the bottom to keep the entire thing secure in its place. This allows the bottom cord to be tightened as the pile diminishes to maintain a snug fit.

Another great feature of covers is that they are made of water-repellant material that can withstand moisture to great extents. There are models with polyester fabric that undergo chemical transformation to maintain the moisture barrier. Even blowing rain will not contaminate your wood pile when it is properly secured. There are inferior types of covers available on the market, but it is well worth it to research what you are buying. The great performing ones are not expensive at all.

A firewood rack cover is well worth the money and will pay for itself in no time with clean, dry firewood at your disposal.

The Business Opportunity Guide

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, the World Wide Web (WWW) opens all kinds of business opportunities with a very low initial investment. Never before has it been possible to start your own business with less than a thousand dollars, maybe even less if you already have a reliable computer with access to broadband internet. Is it easy? No, of course not. As the saying goes, if it were easy, anybody could do it. You’ll need to be patient, industrious, consistent and goal-oriented to be successful.

We are in a recession, everybody knows that. So, is this a good time to start your own business opportunity site? To be my own boss? To work whenever I feel like it in my pajamas? Allow me to make this outrageous statement: Now is the perfect time to start your own business and establish your unique brand. The facts are, that over 90 percent of the population are still employed and spending money.

Why am I saying this? Because this recession will end within the next 12 to 18 months, no doubt about it. If you wait to establish your own brand of products until after the recession ends, you will have lost this precious time to set up your business on solid ground. Other people may wait, but you won’t. And the best part is that you will be making money during this period because people cannot stop buying products that are a good deal, i.e. quality and low price. Again, this project won’t be easy, but if you are a quick learner and a hard worker, success is awaiting down the road.

OK, so what must I do to set up your own business? Here are 4 essential steps that will guide you at the outset:

1. Select Your Strategy. It can be giving a service, like transcriptions or giving tax advice; writing articles as a freelance writer; designing websites and programming if that’s your expertise; selling a product as an affiliate marketing site; selling your own book on how to lose weight quickly or how to eat the right food to become healthy; proofreading and editing for publishers or new authors, etc..

2. Get Training. Once you have decided what you want to do, research the numerous books and CDs available on the internet. They will explain step by step what to do to open a website and the various existing options.

3. Make Sure You Select The Right Logo. When people hit your site, you want them to remember your brand and your products. They will only dedicate a few seconds to read your information, so make sure colors and text are catchy. It may be worthwhile to hire a professional web designer for the purpose.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Site. There are various ways to drive traffic to your site; for example, you can set up email campaigns. Your message will hit thousands of people, so it is important again to hook them the first time with a persuasive short text. You can also post your URL on multiple directories and on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Write intelligent comments on multiple blogs with a link to your site. Publish well written articles on with a link to your site. You get the idea.

Don’t Give Up. Let’s be frank; most internet ventures fail after the first year. That’s where you come in with your iron will power. Do not become discouraged. If you picked the right product or service, you will eventually be successful. And don’t fall prey to these miracle ads that promise you tens of thousands in 6 months. They will make money, not you! Building online success in your business opportunity takes time and a daily focused commitment.

Real Estate Investment – The Top Three Questions on Finding Capital, Answered

Question I know where the deals are; I just don’t have any credit. How do I get investors?

Answer If you’re a real estate expert and you know where the deals are, and you’re able to find a deal, whether you have excellent or poor credit, you need to find a partner who has complementary skills to those that you have. A significant part of our program is about putting people with complementary skills together. I recognize complementary skills when I see them, and I want you to be able to recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can find other people who can fill in the gaps where your weaknesses are. There’s no harm or shame in admitting your weaknesses. In fact, great strength comes from acknowledging where your weaknesses are, because it enables you to fill in the gaps with other people who can collaborate with you, who bring different kinds of skills to the table.

Question Where are the funding sources for lending products?

Answer Lending products for successful real estate syndications are available through all of the traditional channels. Banks and real estate lenders are the best providers for these products, but depending on the circumstances, and depending on the nature of the collateral, hard-money lenders might be the way to go. There are many hedge funds in New York and in other places that have tremendous pools of capital that are available for you to tap into. If you do not know how to access these pools, I’m happy to make introductions and recommendations. However, I reserve these for people whom I know well, and for people who come through my programs, because these are prized contacts that I do not want to waste on people who are under-prepared to speak with them in the most sophisticated way.

Question Where do you get investors?

Answer This is the hardest part of the real estate game. If you don’t have investors, no matter how great the real estate is that you find, you are going to have a difficult time getting the job done. The best way to accumulate investors is to start small, deal with people you know, and grow your investment opportunities as you succeed and begin to develop an investor pool. There really is a lot of money out in the marketplace, and if you have a great deal, there is always somebody who has the money to fund it. You may have to partner or you may have to share, but the money is out there. So, you never really have to worry that you are going to pass up an opportunity. If you find such an opportunity, call my office and we will talk to you about how to get the job done.