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People – The Forgotten Pillar of Business

“Running your own business is tough these days.” If I had $10 for every time I’ve heard that, I could take a long and lavish holiday somewhere in paradise.

Truth is, it’s no tougher running a business today than on any other day in history. OK, maybe the Great Depression is an exception.

Listen to the men and women who have retired from running their own business and you will hear just two versions… “It was tough in those days!” or “Ah, the good old days!” When you retire, which group will you be in!

If the sales are sluggish, the marketing strategy is ho-hum and someone dragging their feet grates on you more than it should, what can you do? Here’s a tip: don’t cut your profits by having a sale.

Every business is built on just 3 pillars – Products, Processes & People. Any activity or element of you business will fall under one or more of those 3 pillars.

The service or tangible ‘something’ you sell is in your ‘Products’ pillar. Every business activity designed to turn that product or service into a sale is a part of your ‘Processes’ pillar.

Your Products and Processes can be 100% copied. Take the popular, big name fast food hamburger outlets for example; their products and their systems are pretty much the same – several similar hamburgers delivered by almost identical processes.

Consider this… the big players don’t compete with each other on price. They just keep advertising their products and ignore their competitors. However, chances are, you don’t have the same marketing budget as they do, right? So, how do you slice up the market with your competitors?

Mistakenly, most businesses try to compete by offering lower prices or giving more “added value” giveaways. Whilst that might sound like a plan, the only real winner is the customer.

For the business owner, whilst you might increase your cashflow, you do so at the expense of your profit. Yes, pricing flexibility and added value services are options; but if they are all you have, eventually you will cut your profit margin to a razor’s edge, or worse.

There is, however, a far more powerful option… PEOPLE!

The 3rd Pillar of Business – People (employees) – is the one element of your business that is not so easily copied. Your employees can make or break your business. Which way the axe falls is dependent on you, the business owner.

The team culture (flavour, tone, or attitude) you have in your business starts with you. Manage it well and it will make your business stronger. On the other hand, ambivalence will eventually bite where it hurts most… the bottom line.

The people in your business are your greatest asset, not to mention (most often) your most significant cost centre. It makes sense to invest wisely in your people.

Training, team-building, coaching and career development for your employees are essential ingredients to the success of your business. It’s also necessary for you to be actively “hands-on” in this regard. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, then get help!

More and more business owners are engaging a Business or Executive Coach to help them do the things they haven’t yet learned how to do themselves. Why?

Most of us start a business because we are passionate about a certain product or service. Of course, we accept that we don’t know how to do everything by ourselves; that’s why we pay a book-keeper to do our paperwork, an accountant to do our tax and a solicitor to help us with all things legal.

What about managing, motivating and getting the best out of our people? Do we really think that this management skill will simply come naturally? The fact is, for many in business, it is something which is given little thought at all.

Have you ever flown with Virgin Blue? Do you notice how well their employees communicate and interact with you and the other customers? This service standard doesn’t happen by accident! It is a deliberate characteristic that is planned, trained, managed and constantly improved.

So, if “running YOUR own business is tough these days”; first take an objective look at the people in your organization. Talk to them, ask them for ideas and, if need be, get some outside help to guide you on the “how-to”. Then, your best next step is to get yourself a Professional Coach!

Create a brilliant day!

Diabetes – Bin Laden Should Invest in More Pharmaceutical Companies and Fast Food Chains in the US

When I watched the Food Matters documentary trailer, Victor Zeines, a Holistic Dentist & Nutritionist from Manhattan, New York, says in the beginning of it: “One thing terrorists can do is build more pharmaceuticals, some more fast foods chains and every body will be dead in 100 years they can just go in do not have to do a thing”

Osama, Listen Here

Patience buddy, patience. Put your money towards these investments rather than WMDs and wait. This way you will kill all of us much faster, and it is a clean job too. Currently there are some 20 millions Americans with diabetes. Currently they all eat lots of junk food and currently they all can reverse it if they only reverse their life style. I have been told by many that you cannot find raw healthy food in the US. That it is all processed. Rubbish. If you just wanted to you could find many shops that sell REAL food, that stuff that actually nourish you, you know. Raw vegetables that you eat as they are, without deep fry them or cook them in any way. When was the last time you had a real taste of a tomato. It is that red round thing, and no it is not sweet so do not add sugar to it please.

Type 2 Diabetes Is Purely Due to A Lifestyle

Exercise, nutrition and knowledge is what it takes to stay healthy. Everybody knows that, yet everyone keeps eating processed junk food. All you got to do is go on YouTube and key in some words related to exercise and a couple of millions of good knowledgeable videos will come up. They all tell you what exercises you can do and how to do them and it is all stuff you can do AT HOME, no need to join a gym for that, just get yourself a couple of dumbbells and a stability ball, a whopping investment of $30-$40 and you are done. The gym will cost you more than 10 times that amount every single year.

Here Are 7 Ways to Keep on Top of Diabetes

  • Consume more Chromium. It will aid in the metabolism of fat and carbs, break down insulin and stimulate fatty acids and cholesterol synthesis
  • Consume lots of B vitamins. It will enhance your skin and muscle tone as well as increase your metabolism and more
  • Stay calm, do not stress. Stress has only negative effect on our health, train your self to deal calmly with stressful situations because the damage you cause your body does not worth it. Stress for one will wash away your B vitamins.
  • Consume more vitamin C. It regulates your blood sugar
  • Eat organic. Do not tell me it is too expensive. The health benefits are countless. Put aside a portion of your monthly food budget towards organic food. You will thank me
  • Exercise. HELLO. Move that body, shake it, sprint it, jump it over a rope, climb mountains, ride your bicycles, anything.
  • Combine all the above. And the ultimate of course is to combine all the above because if you exercise and eat properly you will wash away from your body any chronic disease properties

Good luck.

The Positive Aspects of Business Intelligence Advisors

Read em and weep. The statistics on business failures in recent months and years are nothing short of horrifying. Just as horrifying is the most common excuse that those who were running these businesses give for their failures. “They didn’t anticipate impending changes in the economy and business climate”.

Sure the executives of businesses like the big three auto manufactures and larger lending institutions can afford to take long “siestas” while their business sail toward the rocks, because they know that Uncle Sam will always come to the rescue just before they run aground. However; what about you and your business?

Of course you are completely familiar with your particular business but are you an expert on extraneous particulars that can effect your business in the coming future? For instance, can you rely on your local community for a reliable labor source for the upcoming decade or should you be exploring concepts in outsourcing?

Hard work and determination got you to where you are in business now and of course you can always count on that to carry you through. However; have you ever considered the possibility that an outside opinion, particularly on newer more technologically advanced subjects like advanced business intelligence usage might be of benefit?

Can you really trust the opinions of government business and economic analysts for instance? Also, how with fluctuating currency values and oil prices effect one or more aspects of your business? What about changing tax laws and the new economic stimulus package. Are you familiar with all aspects of these and other coming changes?

New trends in outsourcing and foreign competition mean that for today’s businesses owner and managers that aspire to remain competitive, the advice of a business intelligence advisor can prove to be invaluable. It’s a fact that you will make miscalculations, because everyone does but a business intelligence advisor can and will help you to keep your miscalculations to a minimum.

Are you aware of all the new developments in business intelligence software? Software tools such as Crystal Reports that you can use for data mining and analysis and writing intelligence reports. Be aware that a tighter credit market means that banking loan officers and potential investors now want to see detailed business reports before they will consider any type of business financing.

The Cost of Business Intelligence Advisors

There are basically two considerations that you should take in when contemplating the cost of bringing in an outside unbiased business intelligence advisor. First, there is the actual cost of the advisors work, which may be far less than you imagined. Then there is the cost to your business that can be incurred by going it alone without the help of a business intelligence advisor in today’s far more complex and competitive climate. Bear in mind that advice in business is worth what you pay for it, thus, free advice is worth absolutely nothing.

Aren’t Business Intelligence Advisors Expensive?

The cost of expertise isn’t negligible but the results can be very significant. An investment in your business could be your best chances at ensuring you survive difficulty in the economy, survive new competitors in your field and keep loyal customers loyal while driving new business your way. A company that continuously improves also retains its best talent as individual contributors appreciate working for an organization that fosters personal development and growth.